The Town of Ocean City’s Engineering Department provides design work, technical guidance and engineering analysis work for all City departments.  Beach Replenishment and Beach Crossovers are an important responsibility of the department working closing with our Public Works Department, the Army Corps of Engineers and the Department of Natural Resources keeping our beaches and waterways accessible to the community as well as Canal Dredging and Bulkhead Maintenance.  The department also assists or manages many of the Town’s construction projects such as boardwalk improvements, road resurfacing, sidewalk maintenance, inlet parking lot upgrades and bike path program.

Please check our Completed Projects page to see our department’s contributions to the Town.


Paul Mauser, City Engineer
410-289-8790 ~ [email protected]

Joseph Kurtz, Project Manager
410-289-8795 ~ [email protected]

Joe Santos, Project Manager
443-664-8490 ~ [email protected]

Ron Humphress, Project Manager
410-520-5419 ~ [email protected]

Annamarie Rohrer, Administrative Associate I
410-289-8845 ~ [email protected]