Maintenance scheduled for January 24th from 3am-6am. During this time, payment processing may be unavailable.

UTILITY Billing: https://ocea-egov.aspgov.com/Click2GovCX/index.html This service offers up-to-date, online views of customer utility accounts, while also providing several convenient payment options. From the comfort of home, citizens can review such information as payment history, pending payments, and account status.

BUILDING Permits: https://ocea-egov.aspgov.com/Click2GovBP/index.html – This service enables citizens and contractors to complete the most common steps in the building permit process online, including scheduling inspections and viewing inspection results.

BUSINESS Licenses: https://ocea-egov.aspgov.com/Click2GovOL/index.html – Enables citizens to complete routine tasks associated with business and occupational licenses

MISCELLANEOUS Receivables: https://ocea-egov.aspgov.com/Click2GovMR/index.html – Citizens can pay accounts receivable bills and loans quickly, easily and conveniently by credit card with the Town of Ocean City’s Click2Gov Accounts Receivable and Loans application. Citizens can search for specific accounts receivable bills or loans and pay them online using a credit card.