PROJECT NAME:  2017 MDOT Bikeways Grant Funding.

LOCATION: Sinepuxent Avenue.



DESCRIPTION: The goal of the Sinepuxent Avenue Bike Route is to provide a signed and striped bike route on the north side of Ocean City. Sinepuxent Avenue boasts a 60′ Right of Way (ROW) and extends from 130th Street to 146th Street, for a total of 1.07 miles. The 60’ ROW allows for a cross section of: 5′ Sidewalk, 9′ Parallel Parking, 5′ Dedicated Bike Lane, and 11′ Travel Lane, duplicated on both sides of the road centerline. The bike route is located in an area that is concentrated with large residential communities (Montego Bay and Caine Woods on the west side and Sundowner Park on the east side) and a plethora of businesses on the east. Businesses include condominiums, cinema, cafe, numerous local restaurants, miniature golf, and strip mall stores. During the tourist season (Memorial Day to Columbus Day), these areas are heavily traveled and densely populated.