12724 Airport Rd., Berlin, MD 21811

Wi-Fi access is available in and around the Ocean City Airport terminal. Access courtesy of Express Rent-A-Car

Ocean City Municipal Airport will be Closed to all Fixed-Wing Traffic

Beginning on or about 8am October 3, 2022

The Duration of this Temporary Closure will be approximately 28 Calendar Days,

Aircraft Remaining on the Field after Oct 3 will not be able to depart.

Important Fall 2022 Construction Schedule

Pilots and Tenants at Ocean City Municipal Airport:

Full Length reconstruction of Runway 14/32 will commence this Fall. Three phases of this project will affect Runway 14/32. Phase 3 will affect both Runway 14/32 and 02/20 simultaneously for 3-4 weeks.

  • Phase one will begin on or about August 1st 2022. This will consist mainly of earthwork and mobilization. No impact to runways will occur in Phase one.
  • Phase two will Affect Runway 14/32 beginning on or about August 22, 2022. Runway 14/32 will be closed for approximately 103 days. During the bulk of this construction work Runway 02/20 will remain open.
  • In phase three, beginning on or about, but, not before October 3rd 2022, both Runways 14/32 and 02/20 will be closed simultaneously for a period of 3-4 weeks. As soon as intersection work is complete, Runway 02/20 will be returned to service, while 14/32 work continues.
  • Following completion of Runway 14/32 runway reconstruction work, there will be occasional temporary runway closures for marking and grooving of the new sections.

In the past it has been possible to coordinate PPR departures during construction work. This will not be the case during phase three of this project. Fixed wing aircraft on the field after the start of phase three will not be able to depart under any circumstances.