Project Updates

1.4.2022: Beach Replenishment is completed.


Perry Otwell, P.E.

DNR Engineering & Construction [email protected] 410-260-8911

Paul Mauser

Town of Ocean City, Engineering Manager [email protected] 410-289-8790

History of Beach Replenishment

In 1994, the State of Maryland, Worcester County and Ocean City accepted responsibility for operation and maintenance of the completed Atlantic Coast of Maryland Storm Protection Project. The project consists of the Beach Replenishment program, dunes, dune crossovers, dune planting and fencing along with the seawall along the boardwalk.

The State of Maryland, Worcester County, and Ocean City have a long term (50 year) written partnership agreement with the Army Corps of Engineers to perform periodic beach replenishment as needed to maintain adequate storm protection. Per this agreement, the Army Corps of Engineers designs and manages the needed replenishment dredging operations and pays for 53% of the cost of replenishment.

Please keep in mind that damaging the dunes in any way is a criminal offense. Only the Department of Natural Resources Contractor is permitted to trim the vegetation. This action is recommended by the Department of Agriculture and will be carried on an annual basis. To request the dune grass to be trimmed in your area, please contact the Maryland Department of Natural Resources.

Maintaining the Project takes a tremendous amount of effort from local and state officials. Crews of Ocean City’s Public Works Department maintain all the items mentioned above and the Office of Engineering keeps constant watch on the Project. To make this Project successful requires the cooperation of everyone.

We would also like to remind you that the installation of fencing, landscaping items, decks, planters, or any permanent item is prohibited east of the Construction Limit Line (CLL). For your information, the CLL runs more or less parallel with the dunes and is located approximately ten (10’) feet to the west of the westerly toe of the dunes. This area must be kept clear and open for easy access, maintenance and monitoring purposes. It can be easily located at your property by measuring back ten (10’) feet from the sand fencing at the toe of the dune. If you have any questions about where the line is or where you should stop your private fencing, please call our office and someone will come out and meet with you.

Also, mid-block crossovers are public property and are for the use of all visitors and residents at the beach. The installation of impediments on these crossovers is prohibited. Any signs, chains, gates etc. will be removed.

For questions related to the Beach Replenishment Contract, please contact either City Engineer, Paul Mauser 410-289-8790 or Mr. Perry Otwell at the Maryland Department of Natural Resources 410-260-8911.

Again, the beach in Ocean City is Maryland’s Project for everyone’s enjoyment. It protects your property and life. To date the project has prevented an estimated $900 million dollars in storm damage. Please treat it with respect and extend your cooperation to those of us that are responsible for maintaining it. Thank you.