Our environment is our greatest asset in Ocean City and protecting our ocean, beach and bay is critical in preserving its beauty. With an estimated 12 million metric tons of plastic pollution flooding into our oceans each year, it’s imperative that we end the flow of plastic on land and sea. Recycling alone is simply never going to solve this problem, which is why the Ocean City Green Team is taking on plastic pollution at its source.

The work to reduce plastic pollution was kicked off in 2018 by the Surfrider Foundation’s -Ocean City Chapter “Strawless Summer” initiative. This overwhelmingly successful campaign focused on reducing plastic straw consumption by pledging to not use plastic straws. To date, 70 restaurants and 500 individuals have signed the pledge.

The Ocean City Green Team with Maryland Coastal Bays Program as the lead, is taking source reduction one step further with the “Protect Our Sand and Sea” campaign aimed at Ocean City restaurants. This is an elective and eco-friendly program that promotes your business if you voluntarily commit to use fewer plastic products by making a pledge or five.


Download Our Sand and Seas Pledge Registration

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