Annual Certificates of Inspection

As you may already be aware, the Town of Ocean City, by adoption of Ordnance 2001-7 “Chapter 34, Article V. Quality Assurance Program,” has implemented a quality assurance program in order to guarantee that fire protection systems are receiving consistent, quality service, testing, inspection and maintenance, thereby helping to ensure that they will function as intended in the event of an emergency. With this in mind, the Ocean City Fire Marshals Office set about creating a common inspection certificate to help further facilitate consistency.

On Wednesday, December 5, 2001 our office held meetings with local sprinkler and fire alarm contractors in order to look over and explain the certificates, as well as to exchange feedback so that we could modify and improve the forms. Feedback was also accepted via phone and email. It was our intention that the forms facilitate ease of use for both our office as well as private contractors in the field.

While these forms do not dismiss owners of fire protection systems from monthly, quarterly, bi-annually and annual inspections required by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Standard 72, this will be the minimum certificate(s) required to be sent to this office on an annual basis. It should be noted, both by owners of fire protection systems as well as contractors and involved maintenance personnel, that effective January 1, 2002, these forms will be the only inspection form accepted by this office annually.

Final Certificate of Inspection(s) are available in paper form in our office, on 3rd Street at City Hall. In order to better distribute these forms, we also made them available in downloadable form below.


These forms may be typed and saved to your computer and email as an attachment to [email protected]