Complaints & Referrals:

The Office of the Fire Marshal will investigate any complaint regarding fire and life safety. Common complaints include obstructed and locked fire exits, excessive storage of combustible / flammable materials, and missing or non-working smoke alarms.  To submit a complaint, you may contact 410-289-8780, or send an email to [email protected].  You may remain anonymous.

Assembly/Liquor License Inspections:

As required by the Worcester County Board of Liquor License Commissioners, the Office of the Fire Marshal conducts annual inspections of all liquor license establishments. These inspections are limited to the function of exit components, the working condition of fire protection systems, and capacity requirements for the establishments.

Rental Inspections:

The Office of the Fire Marshal conducts inspections for new rental license applications. These inspections focus on the appropriate use of the building, exiting requirements, and smoke alarm and carbon monoxide alarm requirements. View/download rental license application.

Construction and Fire Protection System Inspections:

View PDF of all Inspection Types