As of January 1st, 2022 we can no longer issue permits to electrical contractors who do not have a valid state issued license. Counties are no longer permitted to issue licenses and we can only accept a state issued license. Even if a permit is issued today using a Worcester County license, they will not be allowed to continue to work in the new year unless a state license is verified.

Welcome to the Building Department. Our mission is to guide homeowners and contractors throughout the construction process. Our support staff is here to help you with the permit application. We work with different agencies and departments to ensure an adequate review of your project including Zoning, Fire Marshal’s Office, GIS, Engineering, and others.

  • Our inspectors are available to verify work and approve required inspections once your permit is issued and the project has started. It is the applicant’s responsibility to call into our office and follow through with these steps.
  • Code Enforcement: Inspectors are actively involved in monitoring property throughout town to be sure building standards and safety are met. Unpermitted work is also enforced.
  • What requires a permit? We are currently working on a detailed list reflecting current code. For more information, please call 410-289-8855.
  • Noise/Construction Hours: View Code
  • For other questions such as licensing requirements, contractor information and permit types, please call our offices.


Residential structures less than 4 stories in height use the following values:

DP Rating 45 (or higher)   SHGC 0.40 (or less)

Skylight U-Factor 0.55 (or less)   Window U-Factor 0.32 (or less)

All other windows will require review and/or a report by an Engineer



Building and Inspections: 410-289-8855


Zoning Department: 410-289-8944


Critical Areas/Storm Water: 410-289-8825


Fire Marshal’s Office: 410-289-8788


Plumbing Department: 410-289-8713


Licensing: 410-289-8861