Town of Ocean City Code

Building Code for Windows and DoorSection 10.52 Paragraph (5)

Window requirements for all structures shall be in accordance with the International Building Code, except all windows and doors shall have Design Pressure Rating (DP) both positive and negative of at least 35 in buildings with a mean roof height equal to or less than 29 feet in height.

Any building with a mean roof height of more than 29 feet in height shall be required to have a minimum Design Pressure Rating (DP) of at least 45.

In addition, all emergency egress or rescue windows from sleeping rooms when applicable must comply with Section 1030 of the IBC 2015 Code and IRC 2015 Code Section R310.

Construction Equipment/Staging Permit Application for Right-of-Way Use and Revised Policy on Use of the City Right-of-Way

Deck, Guardrails and Stairs Safety Inspection Checklist


  • Windows and Door Replacements
  • New or Replacement Shed
  • New Roof
  • New Fence
  • New or Structural Repair to Stairs or Railings
  • Drywall/Ceiling
  • Mechanical (HVAC New or Replacement)
  • Electrical
  • Sign
  • New or Structural Repair to Decks/Balconies including Columns, Beams or Joist replacement
  • Deck Board Replacement
  • Docks, Piers, Pilings, Boatlifts and Bulkhead
  • Kitchen and Bath Remodel
  • New Commercial
  • New Residential
  • Development in the Floodplain

How To Apply For  A Building Permit

  1. All permit applications (with the exception of plumbing and gas) are to be emailed to [email protected] or dropped off in person. Click on the application below and submit it with all necessary plans and specifications.
New Construction Sign Permit Application alterations, repairs, mechanical,  electrical, etc.

b. Depending on the type of job, you may need additional information:

i. Six (6) copies of the building plans and material specifications as required.

ii. Two (2) copies of a site plan for project that changes or adds to the footprint of a building, includes additions, fences, decks, walkways, patios, sheds, and new/replacement HVAC units

iii. HVAC permit applications need load calculations for new and replacement units.

c. Payment must be submitted at the time of application. The Town of Ocean City receipts cash, check or credit.
Permit Fees

d. Proof of Maryland Home Improvement Contractors License (MHIC), Ocean City Business License, Plumbers License, HVACR License and/or Electricians License as required.


2. Online Building Permit Submittal

a. Please call the Building Department at 410-289-8854 if you have any questions regarding online building permits.


3. Drop Off Permit Applications:

icon-right-arrow Plumbing Only icon-right-arrow Window/Door replacement with Manufacturer’s data
icon-right-arrow Electrical Only icon-right-arrow Fence with Site Plan
icon-right-arrow Mechanical Only with Site Plan and Load Calculations icon-right-arrow Siding with Manufacturer’s data
icon-right-arrow Roofing/Shingle Replacement with Manufacturer’s data icon-right-arrow EIFS Exterior Finish System with Manufacturer data

4. Walk-ins – Monday from 9:00am to 11:00am for HOME OWNERS ONLY

icon-right-arrow Electrical Only icon-right-arrow Window/Door Replacement with Manufacturer’s data
icon-right-arrow Mechanical Only with Site Plan and Load Calculations icon-right-arrow Siding Replacement
icon-right-arrow Roofing/Shingle Replacement with Manufacturer’s data icon-right-arrow Deck Board Replacement

Incomplete applications or incomplete plans received from building professionals including contractors, engineers and architects will not be accepted for review under any circumstances.

Additional internal and/or external agency approvals may be required. Please call 410-289-8854 if you have any questions regarding the permit process or you may contact the department below.

Drop-off permits are generally processed within 5 working days.  Processing time for all other permits will vary depending on the complexity of the project and the completeness of the plans and specifications. The key to a quicker permit turn-around is to have a complete, correct, and detailed set of plans.

Once a building permit is approved:

  1. You must pick up the permit in the Planning and Zoning Office, Monday through Friday, between 8 AM and 5 PM.
  2. You must display your permit on the job site.
  3. You must schedule inspections throughout the building process.
  4. HVAC and Electrical reviews and inspections are performed by a third party inspection agency. Click the link for a list of approved agencies

Approved Third Party Inspection Agencies


If you are unsure if your project requires a permit, please call us at 410-289-8855.