Pollinator Garden & Beach Dune Plant Giveaway: The Pollinator Garden and Dune Planting mini-grants are offered at specific times of year, most commonly in the Spring. Advertisement for these programs will be posted on the Town’s website. The application period for the 2024 plant give away has closed at this time.

Rain Barrels: The Town of Ocean City offers a Rain Barrel rebate to citizens and businesses in the Town. A rain barrel is a water tank positioned at a downspout to collect water and used to water plants or attach to a soaking hose to water a garden. Rain barrels are not meant for drinking. There will be a limited number of rebates; therefore, they will be awarded on a first come basis. You will need to submit this application to the address below be eligible for the rebate.

Native Planting and/or Stormwater Retrofits: A year-round min-grant opportunity exists in the form of a cost share program in which the Town will match the cost of a project, up to $5,000, specifically for projects that promote water quality and habitat creation. Proposed projects must provide native habitat, bayscapes, landscaping bioretention, and/or reduction of impervious surface with pavers, rooftop disconnect, drywells, or a combination of Best Management Practices. New technologies or management approaches should be included that protect the habitat and water quality and restore natural areas or experiment with a new field management technique for controlling, preventing, or abating impacts. If you are interested in the cost match mini-grant, please contact Jenelle Gerthoffer at 410-289-8825.

Past Grant Projects

Fiesta Park Pollinator Garden

Pollinator Garden/Beach Dune Plant Giveaways