Ocean City Dune Patrol

The Dune Patrol is responsible for the removal of litter in and along the beach dunes.   Volunteers are assigned specific dune areas to help keep the dune area clean of trash and debris, and inspect the integrity of the fences, crossovers and vegetation.  They are our eyes on the front-line.  This is a dedicated group of individuals who take the time to clean up the dune areas and keep them in presentable condition so that all can enjoy the beach. This is very important to keep the dunes healthy and stabilized.  The Patrol perform clean-ups according to their own schedule and availability. Their volunteer efforts are a valuable asset to our community.  The Town provides volunteers with trash bags, litter grabbers, glove, etc. on an as needed basis.

If you want to join the Dune Patrol or need more information, please call the Town of Ocean City’s Environmental Engineer Jenelle Gerthoffer, at (410) 289-8825.