Deck, Guardrails & Stair Safety Inspection Checklist

As spring and summer approaches the Town of Ocean City is urging all owners of any residential and commercial structures to take time to inspect all balconies, decks, guardrails, and stairs for potential safety hazards. Poor maintenance is the number one reason for structure failure and injury. Proper inspections can help prevent hazards associated with deck collapse; hazards from a fall and guardrail failure just to name a few. Listed below is a simple inspection checklist that will help in evaluating your structure.

Deck or Balcony:

Split or rotting wood
Deteriorated fasteners, screws, nails, bolts, etc.
Poor end support of the balcony deck, joist or girders
Excessive movement of the balcony or deck
Swaying or unstable
Loose, missing or rusted anchors, joist hangers, nails or screws
Damaged or decayed support beams, posts or decking
Inspect connection to building or structure

Guardrails and Stairs:

Missing, deteriorated or loose railing, ornamental pickets, top and bottom rails
Rusted or deteriorated fasteners, screws, bolts and nails etc.
Wobbly handrails or guardrails
Loose or deteriorated guardrail support post
Level and secure landings both top and bottom of all stairs
Deteriorated, loose or uneven treads
Tread nosing cracked or badly worn
Nails protruding from lumber

For more information, please contact the office of Building Inspection at (410-289-8855).

If after your inspection, should you have any reason to believe your deck is unsafe or in need of repair, please contact this office or call a qualified licensed general contractor for further evaluation and repairs.