In 2000, the Maryland General Assembly updated regulations to stormwater management, promoting the use of BMPs in site plan design to treat impervious surfaces.   Stormwater runoff has the potential to create a number of issues in the local water system, ranging from increases in nutrient and pollution loads to increases in average water temperature. A BMP is selected and approved for a property based on its unique characteristics.

    • Exhilaration/Infiltration Trenches
    • Pervious Pavers
    • Rain Barrels/Gardens
    • Outfall Retrofits
    • Landscaping
    • Pocket Ponds
    • Roof top Landscaping
    • Wetland Creation

Alternative Surfaces

This form of management is widely used throughout the city. There are several forms of application but the most common are pervious interlocking pavers and porous concrete. Maintenance for these is typically minimal requiring owners to keep the area cleared with a surface sweep 3-4 times annually or as need be. It is recommended that a full service cleaning is done once every couple of years to keep the system fully functioning.