West Virginia University Captures Fall Tennis on Campus Invitational

Twelve universities ascended on the Ocean City Tennis Center September 30 to play for the chance to win the Fall Ocean City Tennis on Campus Invitational. The morning session of play saw the 12 teams play in four round robins to determine which flight they would be competing….Read More


Anthony and Weaver Take Top Honors in Delmarva High School Tennis Championships

After surviving the summer’s Delmarva High School Grand Prix series, eight players emerged to play for the Delmarva High School Championships crown. The finals, which was held on September 27th at the Ocean City Tennis Center, showcased players from five different high schools vying for the winning trophies….Read More



The 3rd Annual Century Tournament was a total success. With 19 teams, whose ages added up to 100 +, there was a lot of play for everyone. This year the participates were divided into the Women’s Doubles and the Men’s & MXD Double Tournament…Read More


  • What’s the Call? During my match, I did not pick up a ball on my side of the court because it was closer to the net and out of the way in my mind. During the following point, the ball landed on the ball left on the court. I was not able to reach the ball that was misdirected as a result of hitting the ball. Can I call a let? What happens when a ball in play hits a ball lying on the court? Whose call is it?
  • What’s the Call? In a doubles match, my opponent kept saying good shot every time his partner hit the ball. I asked him to stop because it was distracting. He responded that he could talk as much as he wanted as long as the ball was on his side of the court. I think he is wrong and that it is a hindrance. Who is correct?


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