The Town of Ocean City (TOC) strives to maintain a highly ethical environment throughout all departments and is committed to eliminate fraud, waste and abuse of Town resources.  The Town of Ocean City encourages any concerned individual to report fraud, waste or abuse. The reporting mechanism focuses on dishonest acts by Town employees or its contractors.

The TOC reporting form provides an avenue to report improper governmental activities.  Complaints should be submitted in writing.  Complainants should also submit any evidence that supports the complaint at the time.  Essential information includes specifics on “who, what, where, when” as well as any other details that may be important such as information on other witnesses, documents and pertinent evidence.  Due to limited resources, the Internal Auditor is unable to accept complaints that are not specific in nature or that are not well supported by credible evidence.  Please use the reporting form as a guide to ensure that necessary information is provided.  You may submit this form electronically or in written form to:

Email: [email protected]

US Mail: Internal Auditor, 301 N. Baltimore Avenue, Ocean City, MD 21842

Once your complaint is received, it will be screened and prioritized based on significance, internal resources and other factors.
Complaints may be submitted anonymously electronically or by mail. However, if follow-up questions or information is required to investigate the complaint thoroughly or if a response is requested, it is not possible without contact information.

Reportable Incidents include, but are not limited to:

• Theft or misappropriation of Town resources (money, property, inventory, supplies)

• Falsification of official documents or reports

• Corruption or official misconduct, including misuse of Town information, conflicts of interest or offering/accepting bribes

• Personal use of Town-owned vehicles, equipment or supplies

• Conducting personal business on Town time

• Improper use or spending of Town tax dollars

• Violations of Town procurement or procurement card policies or contract fraud

• Tampering with government records

• Falsifying time records, financial records or expense reports

• Abusing overtime

• Creating fictitious employees, vendors or contractors

• Receiving or providing kickbacks

• Maintaining inappropriate vendor relations

The Internal Auditor does not investigate routine personnel issues such as employee grievances or complaints relating to civil rights, sexual harassment and equal employment.

Fraud consists of ways TOC employees, vendors, contractors or other individuals use their employment, vendor relationships or other contractual connections to divert funds for themselves or others at the expense of the Town and its taxpayers.

Waste includes ways employees, vendors, contractors or others improperly, carelessly or needlessly expend Town resources as a result of deficient, inefficient or ineffective practices.

Abuse includes ways employees, vendors, contractors or others carelessly or excessively spend, consume, mismanage or misuse Town resources.

Complainant Information:




Information Concerning the Complaint (Please complete for each separate complaint) Each improper action should be noted separately and supported with reliable and sufficient evidence. Supplying detailed information contributes to a thorough and efficient investigation. This form is designed to help you supply the needed information.
Who is the person(s) the complaint is against?
Who is the above person’s supervisor?
Is there evidence that can be examined or documentation that can be reviewed? (Please provide any documentation you have)
Please attach supporting documentation, details and ANY and ALL other information available to support the complaints or concerns.