Smoking Policy on the Beach and Boardwalk

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The Ocean City Council was able to check another box off their strategic plan “to-do” list with the implementation of a new smoking policy on the beach and Boardwalk. The new ordinance, which was approved by the council in March, prohibits smoking on the Boardwalk, yet provides designated smoking areas on the nearby beach.

The new policy, which was a top priority on the City Council’s Policy Agenda in 2014, has several important details pertaining to smoking areas in Ocean City, including public parks and covered bus stop shelters. A copy of the ordinance in its entirety can be found here.

However, here is what you need to know before the policy takes effect on May 1, 2015.

1. The Boardwalk & Beach Accessways are Smoke-Free.

2. The Beach & Dune Crossings are Smoke-Free (Except in designated smoking areas on the beach).

3. Ocean City Parks & Covered Bus Stop Shelters are Smoke-Free.

4. The smoking rules apply to cigarettes, cigars, pipes, e-cigarettes, and any other matter or substance that contains tobacco.

5. Smoking must be contained within 15 feet of the waste receptacle in each designated smoking area. The Boardwalk is a smoke-free zone.

Voluntary compliance of the ordinance is expected. However, the Town of OC code allows for issuance of citations for violations. Thank you in advance for your observance of this law.