How to Do Business with the Town of Ocean City (Download PDF)

Vendors are encouraged to frequently view our Current Solicitations for formal bid opportunities. Vendors may also want to sign up for solicitation alerts on the Town’s website.


Formal solicitations are advertised on this website. To view, please click on the Bids tab on this page.

Visiting Town Departments

Vendor sales efforts to a Town department/division are not prohibited. Town departments/divisions often request product and service information to keep current with the latest technologies, materials, sources of supply, etc. Furnishing sales literature or other product information is considered normal sales effort. However, such requests do not imply that vendors will receive an order. Depending on a number of conditions, a Town’s final requirement may result in a solicitation being issued by the Procurement Department.

Product Demonstrations

Similar to sales visits, product demonstrations are considered normal sales efforts. Vendors often have a product or service that may be of interest to many departments/divisions within the Town of Ocean City. In this case, the Procurement Department can make arrangements for “product demonstrations” where a number of similar vendor products or services may be demonstrated in one central location (similar to a “product expo”). You should contact the appropriate procurement department for additional information.

Procurement Thresholds

The following are protocols for thresholds of spend and authority.

  • No Solicitation Requirement ($2,499 and under)
    • Using departments are not required to obtain quotes.
  • Informal Quotes ($2,500 – $14,999)
    • Using departments are required to obtain three written quotes.
  • Formal Quotes ($15,000 – $24,999)
    • Purchasing obtains written quotations from a minimum of three vendors.
  • Formal Solicitations ($25,000 and over)
    • Formal solicitations are posted on the Procurement Department’s website where potential vendors are encouraged to download solicitations and addenda. Addenda to solicitations often occur within as little as seven (7) days prior to the opening date. It is the potential vendor’s responsibility to frequently visit the Procurement website to obtain addenda once a solicitation is downloaded.
  • Formal Solicitations (over $100,000)
    • Solicitations over $100,000 are received in at a Mayor & City Council session and awards are completed at a Mayor & City Council session.

Ethical Code of Conduct

Please refer to the Vendor Code of Conduct for ethical behavior. Download PDF

Quiet Period

The Quiet Period is the period of time beginning when the solicitation is issued and ends when the contract is awarded.
Vendors will not contact any staff in the Town during the Quiet Period and should direct all questions and communications to the department contact indicated in the solicitation document.

The Incumbent Vendor may communicate with Town staff during the Quiet period, but may not discuss the pending solicitation. The purpose the of the Quiet Period is to ensure that all prospective vendors have equal access to information regarding the search tasks and requirements; to be certain that communications are consistent and accurate; and to make the search and selection process efficient, diligent, and fair.

The Quiet Period will be posted to the Town’s website to prevent inadvertent violations by vendors responding to the solicitation.

Town staff not directly involved in the search will refrain from communicating with vendors regarding any product or service related to the search during the Quiet Period unless this communication takes place during the pre-proposal conference conducted as a part of the solicitation.

Any vendor violating the Quiet Period will be withdrawn from the solicitation process.

Offering or providing anything of value to Town Staff is prohibited. Vendors are encouraged to visit the sites in reference to the services/goods to be provided, but are prohibited from interviewing Town staff.

Vendor Guide

Vendors are responsible for reading and obeying the rules outlined in the Vendor Guide. Download PDF

Town of Ocean City W-9 Information Form