410-289-8824 – 301 N. Baltimore Avenue – Ocean City, MD, 21842


The Mayor and Council meet for regular council meetings the first and third Monday of each month. These meetings begin at 6:00 p.m. and are held in the Council Chambers, City Hall. A previous Tuesday, 1:00 p.m., work session is usually held before this regular council meeting. Download/View the Mayor & City Council Meeting Decorum.


Copies of all city ordinances, resolutions and charter resolutions are on file. Some of these go back to the late 1800’s. Our Code of the Town of Ocean City was revised during the fall of ’99 and is added to this home page.


Passports by appointment only. To schedule your appointment please visit

Recognized Passport Acceptance Location. You may apply for your U.S. Passport at the Clerk’s Office, Room 220, City Hall, between the hours of 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and 1:00 p.m. to 3:00p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

To streamline your application process, visit to download online application forms and to obtain details about fees and important document requirements, including photocopies needed for your submittal. The National Passport Information Center can be reached at 1-877-487-2778.


Interested in renting a beach chair or umbrella during your visit? Contact a Mayor and Council authorized beach equipment rental company. This link provides contact information by street for each operator.


Interested in capturing your beach moments? Contact the Mayor and Council authorized franchisee of our long-standing Beach Photography Franchise. Telescope Pictures provides traditional and unique scope photos plus many other photo packages from fun loving moments to formal festivities. Call 410-289-0685 for more information.


The Clerk’s Office schedules meetings and assists the following boards: Please direct your board inquiries to the Clerk’s Office. Each Board meets as needed.

Board of Elections – Seven member board appointed by the Mayor and Council on or before the third Monday of May in every even numbered year. Appointed for two year term. Current members are: Mary A. Bradford, Chairman, Jamie Albright, Amy Rothermel, Priscilla Pennington-Zytkowicz, Paul Gasior, Bill Harrington and Mary Jo Breslin. All municipal elections and voting on referendum petitions are conducted by and held under the authority of the Board of Elections.

Noise Board – Seven member board appointed by the Mayor and Council for a three-year term. Current members: Jacqueline Friedman, Steve Benney, Timothy Nengel, Anne Bozza, Mark Paddack, Larry Yates and Perry Pillas. This board handles complaints concerning violations under the provisions of Chapter 30, Noise. They work in conjunction with the police department to reach solutions and offer recommendations to reduce noise-related problems. The board meets on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month, primarily during the summer season.

Ethics Commission – Five members appointed by the Mayor and Council for a three year term. Current members: Charles A. Barrett (Chairman), Fran Kelly, Joseph Kostelac, Marye Kellermann and Rudolph Brevard. The Ethics Commission reviews all required forms under Chapter 2, Article VII, Public Ethics. Working with the City Solicitor, they provide published advisory opinions to persons subject to this chapter and make determinations as to complaints filed by any person alleging violation of ethics.

Beach Mediation Board – Four member board appointed by the Mayor and approved by the Council. One member must be a member of the City Council. Appointed for terms beginning and ending with the term of the appointing Mayor. Current members: Julie Valcourt, Kevin Gibbs, Frank Knight and Carol Proctor (Alternate).

This board receives and handles complaints for the beach equipment rental franchise and beach photographer’s franchise. They oversee the auction process of the beach equipment rental franchise.