All site plans must contain the following information and must be up-to date:

  1. Street address
  2. Legal description
  3. Property Owner
  4. Zoning
  5. North arrow
  6. Plan drawn to useable scale
  7. Scale indicated
  8. Size and location of all existing buildings and structures
  9. Size and location of all easements
  10. All lot dimensions and building setbacks
  11. Location and size of proposed new structures/additions.
  12. Distance to all lot boundaries from existing and proposed structures
  13. Structure location and layout shall match floor plans
  14. Location of all driveways and parking
  15. Limits of disturbance
  16. Existing and proposed landscaping
  17. Location and size of permanent LP gas tanks
  18. Location of all exterior HVAC equipment
  19. Location of existing adjacent structures
  20. Location of all utilities
  21. Basic topography with minimal spot elevations showing drainage patterns
  22. Tabulation of all existing and proposed impervious areas

Depending on the project, additional information will be required to be shown on the site plan or submitted with the site plan as follows: