Ocean City offers additional lots and street parking that utilizes Parkeon parking system.  Simply look for Parkeon pay station and pay for the parking.  Lot open 24 hours/ 12 hr. max per each ticket ($2.00 per hour).   We now offer payments via your smart phone with the Parkmobile® App., look for the green sticker with your zone!


A few simple facts about our new Pay by Plate Parking :

  • Ocean City’s paid parking season starts on April 1 (as it does every year) and continues through October 31.


  • You may pay with Cash, Credit Card or with the Mobile App


  • We have switched from a “PAY & DISPLAY” to a “PAY BY PLATE
    • …what this means is that when you park, you no longer get a “receipt” that you have to put in your windshield.
    • Instead, you enter your License plate at a nearby pay station & the system will recognize your “paid time” based on your vehicle. (Note: You must know your license plate number)
    • This will be camera enforced at the Inlet Parking Lot and enforced by Public Safety Aids on the Streets and Municipal Lots.


  • Parking in the Inlet Lot is $3.00 per hour, and is complimentary for all vehicles when leaving within 0-30 minutes, including handicapped.


  • Additional Street Parking & other Municipal Lot parking is $2.00 per hour with *one hour complimentary for handicapped parking (*if leaving within 1hr).


  • Weekly parking paid at 100th Street lot does not apply to parking at the Inlet; only to on-street parking and other municipal lots.


  • A violation of Street Parking & other Municipal Lot parking will result in a physical parking ticket ($50 fine) which can be voided if payment is made at a pay station for expired time within one hour of receiving the ticket.


  • A violation of Inlet Lot Parking will result in a mailed bill of time spent in the lot at $3 per hour, plus a $25 administrative fee. This fee will escalate to $50 if not paid within 30 days. Patrons may pay for expired time up to one hour and within one hour to avoid being billed for additional administrative costs.


  • Town of Ocean City has a “NO REFUNDS POLICY FOR PARKING”. BE SURE YOUR TIME IS CORRECT BEFORE PRESSING “YES” and committing. You are solely responsible for entering your time in the machine and verifying that the amount of time is correct and the amount you wish to pay is correct. If you are uncertain, cancel the transaction and start over.


  • You can download the Parkmobile App and Customers are able to pay for parking at all on street and municipal lots including the inlet lot from their smartphones by downloading Parkmobile’s mobile application for iPhone, Android, Windows, Blackberry, and Amazon Fire smartphones.



AT THE INLET PARKING LOT: There are parking lot ambassadors available to help you if needed. Please see the booth located in the center of the inlet parking lot.

ON STREET PARKING AND MUNICIPAL PARKING LOTS: Please call the number on the front of the machine for tech support and guidance on the machine and operation. A technician will be able to assist you.

Feel free to send us any questions that you still may have


Worcester St., between Baltimore Ave. & Philadelphia Ave.

Somerset St. & Baltimore Ave.

Dorchester St. & Baltimore Ave.

N. Division St. & Baltimore Ave.

N. Division St. & St. Louis Ave. (small lot)

4th St. & Baltimore Ave.

2st St. & St. Louis

61st St. & Coastal Hwy., (bayside)

64th Street – Boat Ramp Parking Lot (for boaters launching-hourly)

100th St., bayside – (2 lots) Cars & Boats (this is a trailer approved lot) Weekly parking paid at 100th Street lot does not apply to parking at the Inlet; only to on-street parking and other municipal lots.

Cars – $10 day/ $40 week

Boat, Trailers, Oversized – $10/ $50 week ** See town Ordinance regarding Oversized Vehicle Parking**

 **NEW** – Parking restrictions for trailers & oversized vehicles

  • No trailer or oversized vehicle parking on Baltimore Avenue at anytime
  • No trailer or oversized vehicle parking on any street or public lot without a permit between May 1 and October 31, except the 100th Street municipal Lot and the West Ocean City Park & Ride
  • Permits are available to registered participants of certain special events from event promoters including Cruisin’ Ocean City, OC Bikefest and Endless Summer Cruisin’ for a fee of $50.
  • Other permits will be issued on a case by case basis by the Town of Ocean City’s Director of Special Events
  • The new ordinance applies to trailers that are both attached and detached from vehicles
  • Any oversized vehicle is any vehicle that is either over 21 feet, 2 inches in length and/ or over 6 feet, 8 inches in width
  • The fine for trailer and oversized vehicle violations is $250
  • Scofflaws (3 or more outstanding tickets or $100 or more in outstanding fines) may be booted or towed.

You will also see additional street side Parkeon® pay station parking on selected streets, ocean side and bayside in the areas between S. Division, 10th Street, 77th Street, and again at 99th St.