Yes, any new construction over the water requires a permit and must be presented to the BOPW for approval. The factors considered are: environmental impact, navigable waterway and TOC code.

Yes, if it is going in the exact same location with no change to the footprint, ONLY a building permit is required.

If there is documented evidence of work requested being previously permitted in our online records, ONLY a building permit is required for replacement IN-KIND.

The TOC requires a licensed Marine Contractor through the State of Maryland to do marine construction. Minor repairs are at the discretion of the Building Department. View Marine Contractors

Yes and No. A list of approved marine contractors and permit processers are listed on this site. Leaving the process to a professional is worthwhile in that they will not take on a job/case without consideration for approval from the BOPW. Yes, a homeowner may submit their own applications, but should be prepared to provide accurate site plans, measurements and contact the Maryland Department of the Environment directly prior to application.

Case fees are $138 for a Minor Case and $287 for a Major Case. The Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) fees are additional and that application must be applied for in advance and separately. https://mde.maryland.gov/programs/water/pages/index.aspx

This may vary from 1 - 6 months. Factors include the backlog with the MDE and contractor availability. Once required documents are received one month prior to the meeting date, the Case is then heard and decided on. Once approved, a building permit may then be applied for.

No, view is not one of the criteria for the approval of a Case.

All marine craft are to adhere to the same navigable requirements as construction. View Boat 20% letter

200 total square feet is the maximum allowed.

If you have an individually deeded slip, the property owner is responsible for the necessary maintenance. If a property owner lives in a community that has shared common area, the HOA is typically responsible for the upkeep of the bulkhead.

The TOC has an online database listing previous permits and other records. Search under Building Permits & Plans and then by street: http://weblink.ocgov.org/Weblink/0/fol/167517/Row1.aspx

Yes, meetings are held the second Thursday of every month at 2:00 PM in City Hall.

Yes, here is an information page. https://oceancitymd.gov/pdf/ShorelandDev.pdf