Skate Park Rules

Ordinance 90-195 Operation of Skateboards (amended 41976)

It shall be unlawful for any person to ride, propel, push or otherwise operate a skateboard on any public street, public way, public alley, public sidewalk, public boardwalk, public lot and other public property (except for public skateboard facilities and publicly sponsored or authorized skateboard events) within the corporate limits of the municipality between April 1st and October 1st of each year.


1. All skaters must be appropriately registered. For skaters under the age of 18 years, a parent or legal guardian* must be present at the time of registration.

2. All skaters must wear appropriate safety equipment: Skateboarders must wear helmet, knee pads and elbow pads. Inline skaters must wear helmet, knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards. All skaters must wear shoes. Skaters 18 and over are only required to wear a helmet.

3. Only skateboards and inline skates are permitted in Park.

4. Proof of membership is required for entrance to Park.

5. Spectators are not permitted entry into skate area unless registered and wearing safety equipment. Spectators are welcome in our elevated viewing area.

6. Skater etiquette is expected at all times.

7. No glass is permitted in the Park.

8. No alcohol or drugs are permitted on City property.

9. No smoking is permitted in the Park.

10. No defacing of park property. Vandalism is subject to incarceration.

11. Personal property is the responsibility of the skater and may not be stored in the Skate Office.

12. No personal music devices allowed in park.

13. No trespassing or skating when closed.

14. Profanity, recklessness and/or boisterous behavior are prohibited.

15. Any infraction of the rules will result in the loss of membership privileges.

Non-skaters, for safety reasons, are not permitted into the skating facility, however, a spectator observation deck gives a first class view of the park, perfect for parents and other interested onlookers to enjoy.

Skaters must wear helmets, kneepads, wrist guards, and elbow pads while in the park, and a liability waiver must be signed by all participants and/or parents of children under 18 years of age. LEGAL GUARDIANS* MUST BE PRESENT at registration, or the official waiver form with the guardian’s signature must be notarized. Waiver forms expire June 30 of each year.

*Legal Guardians are those individuals who have been given the LEGAL authority to make decisions on behalf of a minor.  Friends of the family, non-parent relatives, etc. who are in temporary custody of a minor may NOT claim legal guardianship.  In the event a parent or legal guardian is unable to accompany the minor at the time of registration, the Town will accept a notarized signature on the official waiver form.  The waiver form may be downloaded from this site.  Just click WAIVER