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Open everyday from dawn to dusk

A Dog Playground Registration Application Form, as well as all current rabies and vaccination records/certificates from your veterinarian, must be submitted in-person at Northside Park, 200 125th St., Ocean City, MD 21842, in order to obtain the physical pass needed to gain access to the park. Applications are available at the Main Office or for download here.

Records can be emailed to [email protected] or faxed to 410-250-5409.

Dog Playground Rates

Passes can be returned to the white dropbox at Northside Park for a $5.00 refund.

1-Day Pass $10.00

3-Day Pass $20.00

7-Day Pass $25.00

Annual (Resident) $50.00

Annual (Non-Resident) $100.00

All Dog Playground Passes can be renewed over the phone as long as all vaccinations are up to date with a current registration form on file – please call 410-250-0125 to renew.

1. Scan your pass on the appropriate mag strip to disengage the lock on the exterior gate for entry and exit.

2. Assure the gate closes securely behind you before moving on.

3. Use the staging/unleash/leash area to unleash your dog upon entry and to leash your dog upon exit.

4. Manually open and close the gates securing the Open Dog Area and Small Dog Area.

5. Do not use the emergency exit button unless there is a true emergency.

Q: How is the Dog Playground structured and set up for use?
A: The Dog Playground is made up of two distinct areas:
            1. The Open Dog Area for all active dogs
            2. The Small Dog Area for dogs 28 pounds and under

Shy dogs and senior dogs over 28 pounds are welcome to use the Small Dog Area if no small dogs require use of the space.

Q: Why does my dog need to be registered?
A: All dogs that wish to use the Dog Playground must be registered with a pass issued from Northside Park to ensure the safety and protection of all park-users, both human and canine.

Q: How do I renew my pass/membership?
A: Pass memberships can be renewed in-person or over the phone as long as the inoculation records on file are current and up to date.

Q: How many dogs can I register?
A: Each pass holder can purchase passes for up to 3 dogs per household.

Q: Who can utilize the Dog Playground?
A: Anyone who qualifies and purchases a pass can utilize the Dog Playground! Dog must be supervised by persons 18 years and older.

Q: Am I permitted to share my pass card with others?
A: No, since each pass is registered with a particular household, they cannot be shared with others, both people and dogs, outside of your household.

Q: What if I lose my pass card?
A: Call 410-250-0125 or visit the main office at Northside Park to be issued a replacement pass. Fees may apply.

Please utilize the Dog Playground in a responsible and respectful manner at all times. The Dog Playground is self-patrolled. Failure to adhere to Dog Playground Rules my result in the revocation of park membership.

1. Dogs must have a current rabies vaccination and be registered prior to entering the Dog Playground. Vaccination tag must be displayed on the dog.

2. Dogs must be supervised by persons 18 years or older. The minimum age to enter the Dog Playground is 11 years old. Children 11 – 17 years of age may enter with a parent or guardian.

3. All dogs must be on a leash when entering and exiting the Dog Playground. Remove leashes in the designated “unleash area” only.

4. Keep gates closed at all times. Enter and exit swiftly. Emergency exit should only be used for true emergencies.

5. Accompany and monitor your dog(s) closely at all times. Dogs must be under control of and in view of their handlers at all times. Always have a leash (6 feet or less) ready for use.

6. A maximum of three(s) dogs per handler are permitted in the Dog Playground at one time.

7. Dogs exhibiting aggressive behavior or excessive barking must be removed from the Dog Playground immediately. Aggressive dogs are prohibited.

8. Owners/handlers are responsible for clean-up of dog waste in bags and containers provided as required by the Town Code.

9. Dog pool use is for dog play only. Shampooing/grooming is not permitted. Humans are not permitted in the pool. Pool should be drained after each use.

10. Any personal items abandoned at the Dog Playground will be removed and, depending upon value, will be discarded or put into lost and found at Northside Park, 200 125th Street.

11. No unattended dogs are permitted in the Dog Playground at any time. Abandoning animals is prohibited by law.

12. Puppies over six (6) months of age must have full immunizations to utilize the Dog Playground.

13. Pass cards are not transferable between dog owners. Do not bring other dogs in on your pass.

14. The owner of any dog assumes all liability for damages suffered by anyone who is bitten or injured by that owner’s dog while utilizing the Dog Playground.

15. Digging is not permitted. Should a dog successfully dig into the turf, owners must fill holes immediately.

16. Brushing or grooming dogs within the perimeter of the Dog Playground is prohibited.

17. Professional dog training (unless written permission has been granted by the Town of Ocean City) is prohibited.

1. It is strongly recommended that dogs 28 lbs and lighter use the “Small Dog Area” exclusively.

2. Shy dogs or older dogs over 28 lbs may use the Small Dog Area if there are no small dogs requiring use of the space.

For the safety of all, the following are NOT permitted in the Dog Playground

• Food, glass, alcoholic beverages

• Rawhides, dog bones, dog food or treats of any kind.

• Smoking/vaping. All Town parks are smoke-free.

• Toys other than tennis/dog balls and flying discs

• Personal pools

• Dogs with infectious diseases, internal or external parasites

• Female dogs in heat

• Dogs with aggressive tendencies and/or require muzzles

• Puppies younger than six (6) months

• Dogs with injuries that may make them vulnerable

• Dogs not registered under current pass

• Prong (pinch), choke or spiked collars and/or head harnesses

The Town of Ocean City does not assume any liability for any injuries to persons or animals utilizing the Dog Playground, site amenities or immediate surrounding areas.

Dog Bite or Dispute: Ocean City Communications 410-723-6600

In the event of a dog bite or dispute, contact Ocean City Communications at the number listed above. Parties involved must wait for an officer to respond, except in the case where immediate medical care is needed.

The Town shall not assume any liability for any injuries to persons and animals utilizing the Dog Playground, site amenities, and/or immediate surrounding areas.

Dog owners assume all liability for damages suffered by anyone who is bitten or injured by that owners’ dog(s) while utilizing the Dog Playground.

Registration or Park Information: Ocean City Recreation and Parks 410-250-0125

Gate malfunctions or maintenance concerns: Ocean City Parks 410-520-5403

The Ocean City Dog Playground is a fully-fenced area designed to give dogs a safe space to run and enjoy the outdoors in Ocean City! The Dog playground is the only permitted area to let your dog off-leash within the town limits.

The Dog Playground is scheduled to be closed for maintenance sometime between 1:00 and 3:00 p.m. on Thursdays with a possibility of a modified schedule to accommodate any inclement weather.


• Open Dog Area

• Small Dog Area

• Double Fence Entry

• Pavilion

• Dog Agility Obstacles

• Yard Hydrants

• Benches for Humans

• Pet Waste Disposal Stations

• Doggie Pool

Please note, the doggie pool is for dog play only. Shampooing/grooming is not permitted. Humans are not permitted in the pool. Pool should be drained after each use.