Ocean City Beach Patrol Officers


Melbourne “Butch” Arbin III

Butch Arbin has served the patrol for 40 years. He became Captain in 1997. In the winter months Butch works for Charles County Public Schools in the Instructional Division with primary responsibilities of Instructional Technology and overseeing Engineering and Technology Education. Previously he was a middle school teacher and computer network administrator. His most recent teaching assignment was an Aerospace Engineering Instructor at Lackey High School. In addition he also taught the Gateway to Technology (pre-engineering) classes at Mathew Henson Middle School, which is part of the Project Lead The Way Program. Prior to taking on the additional responsibilities as Captain, he taught graduate courses for the University of Maryland. When he is not working one of his 2 jobs, Butch is working on as a member of a work and witness team with his church that travels to under privileged countries building churches and medical facilities. Email: [email protected]

Walter R. “Skip” Lee III
First Lieutenant

Skip has served the Beach Patrol for 30 summers; most in the capacity of First Lieutenant with Captain Arbin. Some of the roles he serves include the coordination of testing and assessment program, overseeing the use of and condition of the six buildings the beach patrol incorporates into daily operations, and assisting when and where needed with the many annual initiatives the Captain and Beach Patrol pursue each summer. He brings a strong work ethic and passion to the Beach Patrol, which in turns motivates the ranks and assists in continually moving the Beach Patrol forward. When not in Ocean City, Skip works full-time with the Anne Arundel County Public School System as the Coordinator of Health, Physical Education and Dance. He leads nearly 300 teachers in health and wellness initiatives. He serves in many additional roles such as the State Health and Wellness Advisory Co-Chair, the State Track and Field Committee member, the State Tournament Director, the County Wellness Policy committee and the County School Health Advisory Council. Skip has been married for more than 20 years to a beautiful lady, Kristen, he met on the beach at 89th street and is the father of three teenage boys, Brendon, Connor, and Devon – and Summer the dog. Email: [email protected]

Ward Kovacs
Ward has served with the patrol for 27 years. He is in charge of recruiting, the surfing beaches, our motorized rescue fleet, and our educational and public outreach programs. He has recently been hired as a year round, full time employee by the Town of Ocean City as a Beach Patrol Lieutenant. Email: [email protected]

Michael Stone

Mike has been with the patrol for 28 years. His primary responsibilities include employee assignments, placement of stands on the beach, scheduling the SRT’s, and accounting for employee work hours before they go to payroll. In the off-season Mike is employed with the Worcester County school system as a school counselor. Email: [email protected]