Auxiliary Officer Program

Morse&GoughAn auxiliary officer is a civilian that is trained to support the police department and serve the citizens of Ocean City by providing volunteer services to supplement regular law enforcement personnel in the performance of specific duties.

In 1999, seven civilians completed 56 hours of training to become the first Auxiliary Officers of the Ocean City Police Department. Many volunteers have become Auxiliary Officers since then and completed the training designed to prepare members for the duties and assignments associated with being an Auxiliary Officer. During the eight week, one day per week training Auxiliary Officers gain knowledge in the following topics:

  • Military courtesy, conduct and ethics
  • Community policing and crime prevention
  • First aid and C.P.R.
  • Radio communications
  • Traffic control
  • Conflict management and resolution
  • Crime scene searches and protection
  • Report writing
  • Parking citations
  • Weapons familiarization and pepper spray
  • Court rules, procedures and testimony
  • Uniform care and personal appearance

Common tasks that Auxiliary Officers are assigned to include:

  • Data entry assistance
  • Assistance with community policing programs such as R.A.A.M. (Reducing the Availability of Alcohol to Minors) and Citizens Police Academy
  • Administrative assistance
  • Residential security evaluations
  • Traffic control and pedestrian safety details during parades
  • Special event security and assistance
  • Parking enforcement



1999 – Margaret Sas
2000 – Sy Longberg
2001 – John Prescott
2002 – Jack Doran
2003 – Tonja Sas
2004 – Dorothy Morse
2005 – Donald Olson
2006 – Sy Longberg
2007 – Robert Borys
2008 – Charles Judd
2009 – Robert Borys
2010 – Ann Gough
2011 – Shalimar Kufchack
2012 – Reid Gay & Wanda Olson
2013 – Tonja Sas & Dorothy Morse
2014 – Debbie Schmidt
2015 – Colleen Douglas
2016 – Kim Herbert

Citizens that are interested in the Auxiliary Officer program should contact Lt. Elton Harmon at 410-723-6610