Crime Tips

Crime Tips

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HOTLINE: 410-520-5136


We recognize that many people are reluctant to notify the police about their suspicions, concerns, or even just their “gut” feelings about what they may feel is criminal activity, or maybe things that “just don’t look right.”

Quite often, citizens’ hunches turn out to be valuable information to us. If you have information that you feel we should know, we encourage you to call our Tip Line at 410-520-5136 or leave us an email. Please keep in mind that e-mail tips may not be checked on a daily basis. If the information you would like to share is urgent and time sensitive, please call 911.

Any information that you provide us will be held strictly confidential. Your information will be passed on to the appropriate division within our department. If you would like to have an officer return your message, you may leave your telephone number and someone will contact you as soon as possible.