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Beach Stand franchise fees increase $141,269 and reflect the latest bids. Panama Jack continues to provide sun protection products to our employees but no longer provides a sponsorship of our Beach Safety Seminar program. Participation in our Junior Beach Patrol Program is expected to generate $38,000 from program registration and uniform sales.


Approximately two hundred part-time employees are employed by the Beach Patrol, and there is one full-time employee in this division. A step increase effective January 1, 2024 has been included for the full-time employee. Adjustments have also been made to the hourly wages. SRTs will be paid $18.45 an hour in FY 24. Summer of 2021 wage was $15.60. A retention bonus has been funded at $21,000, a recruiting bonus has been funded at $20,000, a signing bonus has been funded at $10,000 and a bonus for working 80 hours post Labor Day has been funded at $10,000. Interdepartmental labor for Public Works employees to build and repair beach stands has been increased to $12,000. The allocations for retirement and worker’s compensation increase, while the allocation for health insurance decreases.


Contracted Services include building maintenance for all Beach Patrol facilities, rental of testing facilities for Beach Patrol try-outs, telephone service and radio maintenance costs. Travel costs for senior officers to return for work weekends and to attend try-outs have been included. A travel stipend for critical coverage weekends has been included at $16,000. A rental housing stipend of $500 per eligible employee has been funded at $25,000. Certification costs for the American Red Cross have been included at $25.00 each for 200 certifications. American Heart Association certification is also included at a cost of $600, as all Beach Patrol members must be certified. Maintenance contracts for the HVAC system and the elevator in the Headquarters building have been funded. Rental of five offsite testing facilities has been included: SSU, York College, Ocean Pines, Annapolis and the Mid Delmarva YMCA. Half the projected cost for an end-of- the-year employee recognition banquet was budgeted at $2,500. Operational supplies are budgeted to increase. Operational Supplies include three replacement ATVs and a rescue watercraft at a cost of $34,000. Replacement equipment including first aid supplies, rescue boards and materials to replace beach patrol stands have also been funded. Long sleeve SPF shirts have been included at a cost of $6,000. Estimated energy costs remain level for FY 24. Maintenance costs for Beach Patrol vehicles has been estimated at $60,277. Allocations for radio equipment lease, insurance, and vehicle lease decrease for this division, while the allocation for IT Services increases.