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There are three full-time positions in this division, two firefighter/mechanics and one clerical position. Salary changes include a step increase and a 3% COLA effective January 1, 2025. Allocations for health insurance, pension and worker’s compensation increase. No contribution for retiree health has been funded. A tool allowance was added for the two mechanics.


Contracted Services include such items as: training, fire company physicals, equipment maintenance, communications, and fire company insurance policies. Approved training is funded $9,062 higher than FY 24 and includes one training session for the Firefighter/mechanic positions. Attendance at the FDIC conference, Firemanship Days, and the Fire House Expo have been included. Communications expense is anticipated to increase $4,269 in FY 25. Phone costs, radio maintenance and Verizon wireless cards are funded in this line item. Twelve replacement pagers are funded at a cost of $6,960. Two new radios have been funded: one for the new command vehicle and one for the new engine. The Fire Company insurance policies are budgeted at $100,000, a decrease of $20,775 over the FY 24 adopted budget. Physicals for volunteer firemen have been budgeted at $35,000. Fire hose testing and Hurst tool testing have been included at a combined cost of $20,500. SCBA service repairs have been added at $25,000. General maintenance on the Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus has been funded at $15,960. Building maintenance is projected to increase $31,640, which includes $40,000 to finish station alerting at Fire Station 4. HVAC repairs recommended by the Public Works Facilities Manager have been included at $20,300. Elevator and generator maintenance have been funded at $20,863. Operational supplies include items such as replacement hose, shop supplies, and marine unit supplies. Funded equipment includes: equipment for the new engine, $26,662; AED Pro for two utility vehicles, $6,890; SCBA replacement pieces, $10,700; and replacement hose, $23,000. Fire fighter turnout gear has been included at a cost of $39,750. Boots, hoods, lights, helmets and duty crew uniforms have been included at $20,000. A new program to provide a grant to the Volunteer Fire department has been included in the budget at $65,000. The intention of the grant is to cover a stipend program to provide duty crews. Energy costs are anticipated to decrease for FY 25. Vehicle fuel is budgeted to increase. An allowance for fuel costs for the fire boat has been included at $8,000. Vehicle maintenance includes repainting and rust removal from one engine at $100,700, and also includes funding for an average year of repairs at $170,000. The allocations for radio equipment, IT services and insurance increase. Capital outlay reflects the Town’s contribution to the fire equipment fund at $645,000.