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There are three full-time positions in this division, two firefighter/mechanics and one clerical position. A retention/recruitment coordinator position, funded by the Volunteers, has been included. Salary changes include a step increase effective January 1, 2020. No allowance for interdepartmental labor has been included. Benefits for the Retention/Recruitment Coordinator, budgeted at $11,513 and funded by the Town, have been included. Allocations for health insurance and worker’s compensation decrease, while the allocation for retirement increases.



Contracted Services include such items as: training, fire company physicals, equipment maintenance, communications, and fire company insurance policies. Approved training increases $578 from the FY 19 adopted budget and includes one training session for the Firefighter/mechanic positions. Attendance at the FDIC and the Fire House Expo have also been included. Communications expense is anticipated to decrease $17,986 in FY 20. Phone costs, replacement pagers and Verizon wireless cards are funded in this line item. Radio maintenance is anticipated to decrease and no pagers will be purchased in FY 20. The Fire Company insurance policies are budgeted at $70,000. Physicals for volunteer firemen have been budgeted at a cost of $32,000. Fire hose testing and Hurst tool testing have been included at a combined cost of $23,500. Maintenance on the Self Contained Breathing Apparatus has been funded at $9,900. Building maintenance is projected to increase $35,774. Replacement of five gas fired furnaces at Fire Station 1 were included in FY 18 at a cost of $44,000. Interior renovations to the kitchen and living area at Station 2 have been included at $35,000 in FY 20. HVAC repairs recommended by the Public Works Facilities Manager have been included at $32,800. Operational supplies include items such as replacement hose, shop supplies, and marine unit supplies. Fire fighter turnout gear has been included at a cost of $47,000. Boots, hoods, lights, helmets and duty crew uniforms have been included at $20,000. Six apparatus jacks for the mechanics were included at a total cost of $68,040. Ten portable radios were requested, in FY 20, but funded in FY 19. Energy costs are funded slightly higher than the FY 19 adopted level. Vehicle labor costs have been budgeted to decrease next fiscal year. An allowance for fuel costs for the fire boat has been included at $10,000. Vehicle maintenance costs include $30,582 for replacement airbags on rescue 1 and rescue 5 and an upgrade to the monitor on Tower 5 at $3,000. Routine items such as brake drums, valves, and other parts make up the remainder of the cost. The allocation for IT Services increases, and that for property insurance decreases for this division. Capital outlay reflects an increase of the Town’s contribution to the fire equipment fund of $11,090, for total annual funding of $250,000. Building maintenance on Stations 2 and 3 were included in FY 19 at a cost of $220,000.