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Private Event Revenue includes revenue from Bikefest, the Car cruises, and application and permit fees. Revenue from trailer permits for the two car cruise events and Bikefest has been estimated at $16,250. Equipment usage fees are also included in this line item and have been estimated to increase $10,000. Winterfest fees remain at $5 for everyone twelve and older. Estimated revenue for Sunfest remains level, while the estimates for Springfest and Winterfest are projected to increase. Special Event revenue has been estimated to increase, and includes revenue from Sundaes in the Park and Art’s Alive. Corporate Sponsorships include funds received from the beverage franchise.



Since FY 09, the full-time staff has been reduced from six full-time positions to five. One of the positions, the Private Events Coordinator was converted from full-time to part-time in FY 10 and then was converted back to full-time in January of FY 15. Salaries in FY 19 reflect funding of a step increase effective January 1, 2019. Salary expenses in the FY 17 actual column include costs for labor from other city departments for Sunfest, Winterfest and Springfest. The FY 18 Adopted budget and the FY 19 Proposed budget do not include labor costs for other departments. These costs will be adjusted in future budget amendments. Part-time salaries increase $5,606, with $2,117 of this increase due to the adjustment to the wage table. Projected benefit costs for retiree health, pension contributions and unemployment decrease for this division, while health insurance increases.



Contracted Services includes the annual allocation per MOU to the Airshow for $35,000. Entertainment expenses for the Town’s festivals continue to be the major expenditure for festivals. $340,500 has been budgeted for entertainment costs for all events and festivals in FY 19. Entertainment in Sunset Park has been included at $3,500. Fireworks for July 4th and New Year’s Eve have been budgeted at $65,500. Funds for the continuation of the Halloween celebration have been included, as have funds for the Ocean City Christmas parade. Dance parties at Caroline Street have been funded at $15,100 and will go to an all dj format. Other major expenditures in this division are tent rental, accommodations for the entertainers and back-up services for the shows. Tent rental expense is budgeted at $274,853. Refurbishment of Winterfest displays has been budgeted at $15,000, while the same amount has been budgeted for the purchase of a new display. Supplies and Materials decrease, but include replacement bulbs for the trees of light on Baltimore Avenue and Philadelphia Avenue and the cost to replace 24 picnic tables used at Sunfest and Springfest. A replacement storage trailer to store the Winterfest decorations has been budgeted in FY 19 at $9,500. Energy costs are expected to increase. Vehicle maintenance decreases. Allocations for Vehicle lease, insurance and IT Services decrease for FY 19.