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Budgeted revenue for Hall Rental and rental of the Performing Arts Center increase $15,000 in FY 21. Special Events revenue includes $59,000 anticipated from the Holiday Shopper’s Fair, and $41,000 for city-sponsored events to be held in the Performing Arts Center. Revenue estimates for Concession Revenue and Service Charges decrease $15,000. Sales/Other reflects membership dues for the Convention & Visitor’s Bureau and is expected to decrease $2,500. Food & Beverage Tax generated goes toward the retirement of debt for the Convention Center expansion. The rate was reduced from 1% to ½% in FY 10. Food & Beverage Tax is anticipated to generate $1,540,000 that will go toward debt retirement in FY 21. $100,000 will go into a fund for capital improvements at the Convention Center. The State Operating grant will increase $44,325 and the General Fund subsidy is also budgeted to increase $44,325.



Thirty-four full-time positions are funded in FY 21. Six positions have been eliminated since FY 09. In the FY 15 budget, one part-time Maintenance Worker position was converted to full-time. In FY 16, the Sales Director position was replaced with a Sales Manager position, and one additional Maintenance Worker II position was included as well. In the FY 19 budget, a sales position was eliminated and replaced with a Maintenance Worker position. A Sales position was requested, but was not funded in FY 21. A step increase effective January 1, 2021 has been included. Wage adjustments due to the increase in minimum wage have also been included. The Museum division employs two full-time employees. Part-time and seasonal positions are used by both the Convention Center and the Museum. An additional part-time, year-round Maintenance Worker position was added to the Convention Center staff in FY 19, bringing the total part-time staff in the Maintenance division to fifteen. Overtime in the Maintenance division has been budgeted at $75,000, a reduction of $13,000. Projected costs for health insurance, retiree health, worker’s compensation and unemployment are budgeted to decrease, while the allocation for pension increases.



Contracted Services decrease in FY 21, and include travel, credit card fees, dry cleaning and advertising. In FY 21, $41,000 has been included for potential city-sponsored events held in the Performing Arts Center. Credit card fees were budgeted at $32,000, and a Comcast fiber contract was included at $21,000. Funds received from Centerplate in a prior year will be recognized to partially offset the cost of the fiber contract. Maintenance costs account for $360,626 of the Convention Center budget. Escalator, elevator, HVAC, and equipment repair are budgeted at $280,626. HVAC repairs recommended by the Public Works Facilities Manager totaling $325,000 will be replaced as part of the expansion project. A sound system maintenance contract is included at $28,000. Building maintenance accounts for another $80,000. Overall maintenance costs increase $58,963. In the Museum budget, painting of the Coast Guard tower has been included at $80,000. Phase II of the window restoration project at the Museum has been included at $4,000. Operational supplies for the Convention Center include costs for such items as exhibit decorating materials, supplies to clean and maintain the building, aisle and booth carpet, and replacement AV equipment. Energy costs for the Convention Center are budgeted to increase $10,000 in FY 21. Vehicle maintenance costs are expected to decrease. Intragovernmental allocations for Vehicle Lease, radio equipment lease and property insurance increase. Debt Service includes principal and interest on the 2013 and 2018 bonds and the Energy Performance Lease. Food and Beverage tax receipts and interest will be used to pay the debt service on the bonds. Transfer to Reserves includes $100,000 to be set aside for the capital reserve fund, and $69,805 to go toward future debt service. Capital outlay includes the purchase of a genie/scissor aerial lift funded at $31,700.