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There are thirty-one employees in the Legislative and Administrative divisions. A step increase on January 1, 2019 has been included for full-time employees. Part-time salaries have been included for a summer intern in the City Manager’s department, a seasonal Revenue Specialist for the Finance department and for vacation coverage for Human Resources. Although health insurance costs are expected to increase 4% in FY 19, health costs for this division decreased $5,007. A biannual actuarial study to determine the recommended contribution to retiree health was conducted in FY 18 and resulted in a reduction in this line item for FY 19 and FY 20. Due to retirements in these divisions, pension costs also decrease. Employee benefits include an allowance for tuition reimbursement, funded at $9,000 for FY 19, a decrease of $3,500.  Overall, employee benefit costs decrease $62,827 for the legislative and administrative divisions.



Contracted Services include professional services such as legal fees and consultants, maintenance, travel and training, printing and dues. Legal expenses account for $517,500 of the Contracted Services line item in this division. The IAFF contract negotiations are included in the FY 19 budget at $200,000. FY 18 legal fees were budgeted at $441,950. An allowance for other employment issues that may arise has been included at $125,000. Other expenses included in the Contracted Services line item are the annual Town audit, funded at $57,300, a consultant to assist with the CAFR preparation and end of the year fiscal close funded at $30,000, and banking services fees funded at $48,000. EMS billing fees have been included at $84,240 and are offset by projected revenue of $1,053,000. Printing and postage for two issues of the Town newsletter are also included. Fees for the Acela agenda management system have been funded at $14,730. Also included is the Affordable Care Act IRS Preparation/Filing fee of $10,000. Travel and Training costs in this division decrease slightly. Training included in this division are the Government Finance Officer’s conference, the National Hurricane conference for three council members, the Mayor, and the City Manager, and the MMCA academy for the City Clerk and Deputy City Clerk. Under Supplies and Materials, postage has been included at $122,990, slightly higher than FY 18. The Intragovernmental allocation for the Information Technology department decreases $28,230 for these divisions. Vehicle lease allocation increases slightly, while the insurance allocation decreases slightly.



These divisions are responsible for overall Town management, business functions, and record-keeping. The Mayor & Council, City Clerk, City Manager, Finance, Legal and Human Resources divisions are included in the summary. Administrative costs to manage the Town’s various enterprise funds are allocated based on total expenses, number of personnel, and number of transactions performed for each fund. This reimbursement totals $2,134,717 for FY 2019.