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Funding from State Police Aid decreases $26,176 for FY 21. Grants received in FY 19 totaled $202,402 and will be added to the FY 21 budget as received. Revenue from parking fines is expected to increase $50,000. Revenue from tow fines is anticipated to increase $40,000. Building rental for District Court was renegotiated in June 2011 and has been budgeted according to the lease. Municipal Infractions and revenue from impounded vehicles are expected to decrease $15,000.



A step increase has been funded for the civilian staff effective January 1, 2021. Estimated salary increases for all Police employees including the Fraternal Order of Police bargaining unit have been included at $340,955. Specialty pay has also been included for members of the bargaining unit. One additional sworn officer position was added beginning January 1, 2018, and one has been funded on January 1, 2021, bringing the total number of Police employees to 134. Funding for reserve officers remained at $195,000. Part-time salaries in the Patrol division include 80 seasonal officers and 36 Public Safety Aides. Part-time salaries increase due to an increase in minimum wage to $11.75/hour beginning January 1, 2021. Overtime in the Patrol Division increases $7,000. Allocations for health insurance and pension increase, while the allocations for retiree health, worker’s compensation and unemployment decrease. Projected pension contributions increase over $500,000 for this division.


Contracted Services include $258,000 in towing expenses and $139,144 for telephone and radio parts expense. Training and Travel has been budgeted at $249,102, an increase of $10,739, and includes $20,000 for court-related travel, and $33,921 for mandated training expenses. Recruiting expenses are included at $20,000, and housing costs for the Carroll County training academy have been included at $15,000. Funding for allied agency assistance for major special events at a cost of $15,000 has also been included. Servicestraining and travel costs have increased $5,728, and include a Taser Instructor Course. Consultants for legal and policy review have been included at $10,000 and psychological testing for seasonal officers has been included at $28,800. A Sergeant’s assessment process was funded in FY 20, but was not included in FY 21. The contract to cover the costs of boarding, hay and feed for the Mounted unit has been funded at a cost of $39,000. Overall funding for Contracted Services increases 3.5% for FY 21. Funding for general building and equipment maintenance decreases and includes $108,500 in repairs to the HVAC system recommended by the Public Works Facilities Manager. The FY 20 budget included HVAC repairs totaling $166,500. Other repairs included in FY 21 are the replacement of the Sallyport doors on the west side, $38,000, and replacement of the cellblock intercom system, $35,000. Supplies and Materials include all operational supplies and uniform costs. Ammunition purchases are also included in this line item at a cost of $41,546, a decrease of $6,244 from FY 20. Patrol operational supplies increase $19,740 and include a replacement radar unit, a canine and an in-car camera system for the new paddy wagon. Replacement uniforms and items included in the Fraternal Order of Police contract are included in this line item at a cost of $216,182. Replacement ballistic and tactical vests have been budgeted. Energy costs remain the same and reflect rebates due to participation in the solar energy contract. Vehicle fuel, parts and labor costs are all budgeted to increase in FY 21. Funds to upfit seven vehicles including the addition of lights, sirens, striping and prisoner partitions have been included at $136,540. The Police department’s portion of the CAD/RMS maintenance costs are charged through Intragovernmental expenses. Maintenance and support for this system cost this department $126,298 annually. Overall, the allocation for IT services increases $23,352. Vehicle lease payments to the Vehicle Trust Fund increase $70,743 in FY 21. Property and General Liability insurance allocations decrease $1,407 for this division. Radio equipment lease was included at $64,718. Six Explorer hybrids and a prisoner transport van have been included in Vehicle Trust.