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IT Fund balance in the amount of $50,000 was utilized in FY 19 to cover the expenditure increase of $22,728. In FY 20, an additional $47,798 was charged to departments to cover the expenditure increases. Comcast Fiber connections for Fire station 4 and for the Convention Center and the Comcast circuit have been charged to the Equipment Trust Fund and paid for with funds collected from water tower antenna rental revenue dedicated to City-wide communications expenses. Maintenance costs for the CAD/RMS system cost $164,000 and are allocated directly to the departments that use this software.



Nine full-time positions are funded in this budget. One PC Specialist position was eliminated in FY 11. Funding for a step increase effective January 1, 2020 has been included. No part-time employees are utilized by this department. Overtime estimates were reduced $3,580. Benefit costs increase for health insurance, retiree health and retirement, and decrease for worker’s compensation.



Software support, maintenance and software upgrades account for $490,769 of the IT budget. A large component of this line item is the software support for the CAD/RMS software. This maintenance agreement costs $164,000 annually. Maintenance and software support for all other software programs totals $326,769. The FY 20 budget includes a proposal to move the Superion programs to a Cloud version, which would save $6,067 in the first year. All maintenance costs would be covered by the annual fee for the Cloud version. Updates would be performed by Superion instead of by Town employees, and the fee we pay for Superion data recovery would no longer be necessary. The annual recurring fee for this service is $173,761. Expenses in Contracted Services include professional services, travel and training, dues and communications expenses. The Comcast service for the boardwalk surveillance project is budgeted at $65,250. Annual cleaning of all city surveillance cameras is included at $17,250. Training and Travel costs were budgeted at $14,870 for this division. Included items are: attendance at the H.T.E. National conference for two employees, $3,800; Junos Firewall training, $2,850, Junos security training, $1,900 and online training, $2,000. A service to provide off-site data recovery was added during the FY 17 budget and has been included at a cost of $40,695. Operational Supplies have been increased $60,033. Funded supplies include: replacement laptops and Toughbook computers, $27,800; and Microsoft software assurance, $30,000. Fifteen replacement toughbooks were approved for the Police department at a cost of $55,500, and EMS equipment has been included at $31,975. Two replacement laptops were approved for the Service Center and a replacement large format scanner for the Planning department. Intragovernmental allocations for General Overhead expense and vehicle lease increase for this division. Items funded in the General Fund through IT capital projects include: Public Works complex switch and network items, $117,000, surveillance cameras at Beach Patrol headquarters, $5,806; Worcester and 27th street switch, $10,500; and 30th street camera, $8,500.