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Weekday and weekend rate increases will be instituted for peak spring and fall seasons, and Talon Club and local rates will increase by $5. These changes result in an anticipated revenue increase of $31,513. Admissions Tax revenue for Eagle’s Landing, previously assigned to the General Fund, was assigned to the Golf Course beginning in FY 10. Miscellaneous revenue includes junior golf camps and clinics. A portion of the funds received from Worcester County have been recognized to offset EDU charges for FY 18.



Eight full-time positions are included in this budget. A step increase effective January 1, 2018 has been included for all eligible employees. Seasonal golf laborers, pro shop employees, concession workers and cart attendants are also employed by this division. Changes in the pay scale resulting from the increase in minimum wage from $8.75 to $9.25 per hour increase part-time salaries for the Golf Course by nearly $6,000. Increases in health insurance, and pension account for nearly $25,000 of the increase in employee benefits. Unemployment, retiree health and worker’s compensation also increase.



Contracted Services include building & equipment maintenance and golf cart rental, advertising and credit card fees. Greater Ocean City Golf Association fees have been budgeted at $48,338, an increase of $3,263. Advertising has been budgeted at $54,700, and includes a contract with 121 Marketing at $14,600. Payment to Worcester County for septic service has been included at $5,000. Training and travel costs decrease slightly and include attendance at two golf trade shows and at the Golf Course Superintendent’s national conference. The golf cart lease was renegotiated in August 2015 and increased from $5,842 to $6,205 per month. A GPS system at a $24,600 annual cost has been funded. Supplies & Materials decrease $6,570. Most of this reduction was in the Operations division as the FY 17 budget included replacement trash cans, a replacement microwave for the Caddy Shack and shelving for the walk-in refrigerator. Maintenance supplies are budgeted at $214,000, which covers all chemicals, fertilizers, irrigation and landscaping supplies for the Golf Course. In the FY 16 budget, a lightweight utility vehicle and the GPS cart changeover were funded at a total cost of $20,500. Purchases for Resale for the Golf Shop and the Golf Concession account for $201,838 of the Golf Course budget, and are budgeted to increase from FY 17. Energy costs are budgeted to decrease as Worcester County will assume the expense for the irrigation pump station electric. Costs for vehicle fuel and maintenance are anticipated to increase in FY 18. Intragovernmental allocations for Vehicle lease, General Overhead, IT and insurance increase for FY 18. No capital outlay was requested. Equipment approved in the Vehicle Trust Fund includes: a rotary mower, $20,500; two greensmowers, $58,950; and a fairway mower, $54,200.