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In FY ’09, there were twenty-two full-time employees in this division. In FY 17, the current Superintendent retired and was replaced by the current Assistant Superintendent. In the FY 18 budget, the Assistant Superintendent’s position was eliminated and replaced with a Crew Leader position. One part-time Parks Worker position will be converted to full-time, increasing the number of full-time positions to eighteen, from the current seventeen. Two Crew Leader positions were promoted to Supervisor in FY 16 as step 1 of the succession plan. Wage adjustments include a step increase effective January 1, 2018 for full-time employees. Part-time salaries decrease $13,517. Projected overtime costs increase $1,256. FY 15 labor costs appear to be lower because deductions were made for labor charged to the Town festivals. No labor deductions were included in the FY 17 Adopted or the FY 18 Proposed budgets, but deductions will be made at the conclusion of the festivals. Allocations for pension and health insurance increase and include health insurance for the additional position. Projected unemployment decreases for this division.



Contracted Services in this division include maintenance for the parks and landscaping throughout the Town. Contract mowing of city-owned median strips, bulkheads, undeveloped lots, etc. has been included at $16,675 in FY 18. Walkway and drainage repairs at Northside Park have been budgeted at $10,250. Also included is $10,000 to resurface 4th street basketball courts and $11,800 to replace fencing at Northside Park. All other expenses in this line item cover routine maintenance. Tennis court resurfacing and repairs were requested, but not funded. Training costs are also included in Contracted Services and include attendance at the Sports Turf Management Association conference for the Superintendent, the second year of Maintenance Management School, and Playground re-certification. Normal maintenance and supply costs have been budgeted for FY 18. Supplies include athletic field supplies, landscaping supplies, and general maintenance supplies. A replacement gator and a replacement lawn mower were funded in FY 17, and a replacement gator has been funded in FY 18. A beach toy was funded in FY 16 at a cost of $26,000. Special Appropriations reflects the budget for requests from the Beautification Committee. Energy costs are expected to decrease, as a result of the Energy Performance contract. Projected costs for vehicle fuel and vehicle parts increase, while the estimate for vehicle labor decreases. Allocations for Vehicle Lease, IT Services and insurance increase for this division. Maintenance on the garage doors of the Maintenance building were requested and could be funded through savings in funds set aside for Northside Park improvements. No vehicles were funded for this division through Vehicle Trust.