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Projected Program revenue increases $19,200 and includes revenue for several new programs camps, and leagues. Concession revenue is anticipated to increase. Franchise fees from the kayak concession at Northside Park are included at $41,900.



There are four full-time positions budgeted in the Administration division and seven full-time positions budgeted in the Programs division. A step increase effective January 1, 2019 has been included. Since FY 17, a part-time Office Associate position has been funded. There are currently three part-time, year-round Recreation Coordinator positions in this department. Part-time hours have been increased for the concession workers, facility monitors, and recreation supervisors, with an associated cost of $20,815. Pay table adjustments resulted in an increased cost of $9,456 for part-time employees. Estimates for health insurance and unemployment increase for FY 19, while estimates for retiree health, pension and worker’s compensation decrease.



Contracted Services include payments to sports camp directors, building maintenance, equipment maintenance, equipment rental, and training and travel. Building maintenance includes $11,800 for HVAC repairs recommended by the Public Works Facilities Manager. Funds to repaint the lines in the west gym and to replace lighting at the Northside Park east entrance have also been included. Contracted Services in the Programs division includes $271,332 for payments for programs and camps held by the department. Bio camp, floor hockey league, and lacrosse goalie camp are some of the proposed new program offerings. Training costs include attendance at the National Recreation and Parks Association conference for the Director and the Recreation Superintendent. Year two of Facilities Supervisor training has been funded, and is offered through NC State in Oglebay, West Virginia. Supervisor’s Management School, offered through the National Recreation and Parks Association has been included for one of the Programmers. Contracted Services also includes the costs for Senior programs including the bowling alley rental for the Senior Bowling League and the Senior Valentine’s party. Credit card fees increase $4,000 for this division. Supply & Material costs in the Administrative division decrease, as a replacement EZ Go was funded in FY 18. A replacement water fountain, and replacement tables and chairs have been funded. Supplies for the Programs division increase and include supplies for all program offerings. Energy costs are expected to increase for this division. Vehicle expenses for fuel and maintenance are expected to increase. Intragovernmental allocations for vehicle lease and insurance decrease for this division, while the allocation for IT Services increases. No vehicle replacements were funded for this division.