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All parking was converted to a pay by plate system in FY 19. For April, May and October, parking in the Inlet Lot will be free Monday through Thursday and will be $3/hour Friday through Sunday. From the Friday of Memorial Day weekend through September 30th, the Inlet Lot will be $3.50/hour seven days a week. All other parking will be free Monday through Thursday for April, May and October and $2/hour Friday through Sunday. From the Friday of Memorial Day weekend through September 30th, parking rates will be $3/hour seven days a week. Parking revenue estimates have been increased $667,925 from the FY 22 estimates as the FY 22 actual revenue is anticipated to exceed budget. The Beach Photo franchise was re-bid in FY 19 and has been included at $228,750.


Thirty-four full-time employees were funded in Public Works Maintenance since FY 16. Six full-time Maintenance Worker positions were added in the FY 22 budget, bringing the total number of full-time employees to forty. As in other divisions, a step increase effective January 1, 2023 has been funded. Part-time salaries were adjusted in FY 23 to reflect the revised pay table approved by the Council for FY 22 and FY 23. For many part-time employees in this division, seasonal wages increased from $12.50 to $15.00 per hour. Overall, funding for part-time salaries increased $184,751. Three parking ambassadors for the Inlet Lot have been funded from May 12th through September 30th. As a result of converting parking to pay-by-plate, credit card usage has increased and the use of cash continues to decrease. Of the five positions budgeted to count cash, only one will be charged to the Parking division, with the remaining employees charged to the Transportation division. There are sixty part-time employees funded in this department, including twenty-two Comfort Station employees. Overtime increases $12,500 for all five divisions. In this department, allocations for retirement and worker’s compensation increase, while allocations for health insurance and unemployment decrease. No funds have been included for retiree health (OPEB).


Credit Card fees for use of the parking meters have been budgeted at $280,000 in FY 23, an increase of $50,000 from FY 22. Other expenses in Contracted Services include boardwalk re decking, funded at $80,000, and Parkeon back office fees and per transaction fees budgeted at $90,305. The beach tractor lease is estimated to increase to $121,400 for FY 23. A weed prevention service at a cost of $36,000 has also been included, which includes one additional weed spraying application. A parking consultant has been funded at $23,750. Cutting, milling and patching of the Inlet Lot has been funded at $25,000. Maintenance costs decrease $13,118, but still include extended warranties on the parking meters. Supplies and Materials includes funding for day-to-day operations. The line item increases $77,213 overall. In FY 22, an engraving machine and a vertical personnel manlift were approved at a total cost of $17,500. In FY 23, 375 water-filled jersey barriersfor sand management in the Inlet Lot have been funded at $37,000. Also included in FY 23 is a Golf Cart for the Boardwalk staff, funded at $12,000. Other supplies include comfort station supplies, replacement banners for the boardwalk, beach ramp supplies and replacement sand fence. Spare parts for the parking meters have been included at $25,000. Energy costs are expected to decrease. Estimates for vehicle fuel, parts and labor are all expected to decrease in FY 23. Allocations for radio equipment lease, and insurance increase, while the allocations for vehicle lease and IT Services decrease. A replacement box truck, one-ton cargo van, pick-up truck and flatbed truck have been funded through Vehicle Trust at a cost of $230,000.