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No changes in parking rates have been proposed for FY 18. A Pay by Phone parking app was introduced for the FY 16 season. All parking revenue has been projected to increase for FY 18 and is the result of the extended parking season (beginning of April through end of October) and the increase in rates implemented during wrap-up of the FY 17 budget. Additional parking spaces were added at Worcester Street and at 2nd street, generating $76,891 in additional parking revenue. Leases for the Public Safety Building lot were extended through FY 17. No revenue from these leases has been budgeted for FY 18. The Beach Photo franchise has been included at $434,500 for year three of the four-year franchise agreement.



In FY 2009, thirty-eight full-time positions were funded in this division, which has been reduced to the current number of thirty-four full-time employees. As in other divisions, a step increase effective January 1, 2018 has been funded. Positions requested, but not funded include: A Meter Technician, Maintenance Worker and two Heavy Equipment Operators. Two Maintenance Worker positions were upgraded to Heavy Equipment Operator in the FY 16 budget. Hours for part-time staff have been increased as there is an increased demand for coverage through October. In the Street Maintenance division, staffing has been increased from nine employees for the first five days of October, to twelve employees for the entire month of October. As it was not necessary to fund boat ramp attendants, this cost was covered. In this division, a seasonal Office Associate position was requested, but not funded. In the Boardwalk division, four employees have been funded through the month of October at an additional cost of $7,329. Comfort Station attendants have been funded for weekends through the month of October and additional hours have been budgeted for Inlet Lot attendants and Supervisors to cover the month of October. Part-time salaries have increased a total of $32,056 over FY 17. In this division, pension costs increase $31,888. Allocations for health insurance, retiree health, and worker’s compensation increase, while the estimate for unemployment decreases.



Credit Card fees for use of the Cale parking meters have been budgeted at $130,000 in FY 18, an increase of $15,000 from FY 17. Other expenses in Contracted Services include tipping fees for this division, and printing of tickets for the Inlet Lot. The beach tractor lease increases $6,000 in FY 18, from $96,000 to $102,000. A weed prevention service at a cost of $25,000 and an allowance of $45,000 for boardwalk redecking have also been included. Maintenance costs include $16,200 for the maintenance contract on the Cale meters, and an additional $17,021 for a maintenance agreement on the Inlet Lot equipment that is currently out of warranty. Porta potties for holiday weekends and some special events has been included at $4,500. HVAC repairs and general maintenance costs increase for the Comfort Stations. Supplies and Materials includes funding used for day-to-day operations. In addition, the following items have been approved: ten bike racks, $3,000; a beach box blade, $5,900, a paint sprayer unit, and ten 300 gallon waste containers for a pilot program on the beach. Other supplies include comfort station supplies, replacement banners for the boardwalk, beach ramp supplies and replacement sand fence. In FY 16, donations totaling $63,000 were made toward the purchase of boardwalk benches. Vehicle fuel and maintenance costs increase from the FY 17 budgeted amount. Allocations for Vehicle Lease increase $47,698, while the allocations for IT Services and insurance also increase.