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Revenue from recycling sales is expected to decrease slightly for FY 25. Wastewheelers and dumpster parts are sold to the public, and it is anticipated that $26,400 will be collected from this effort. Solid Waste collection fees charged to establishments requiring trash collection more than five times per week are anticipated to decrease to $67,500. Bulk collection fees for the collection of one item and the collection of up to three items were last increased in FY 23. It is anticipated that bulk collection revenue will increase $5,000.


The FY 25 budget includes funding for twenty-one full-time positions, the same number of positions since FY 15. Full-time wages include a step increase and a 3% COLA effective January 1, 2025. In addition to the full-time positions, there are sixteen seasonal positions in this division. One year-round, part-time Solid Waste Worker II position was added in FY 23, and two additional part-time, year-round positions were added in FY 24. In FY 25, the number of weeks for seasonal staff were increased from 23 to 25. Part-time salaries and wages reflect the increase in wages for Solid Waste Worker II positions to $20.16/hour. Overtime costs increase $15,488. Contributions for health insurance, retirement and worker’s compensation increase. Unemployment decreases slightly. No allocation has been made for retiree health (OPEB).


Contracted Services includes building and equipment maintenance costs, travel and training, communications and dues. Overhead door repairs have been funded at $15,000. Replacement of a fire sprinkler dry valve was funded at $9,000 in FY 24. Rental of a grapple truck has been funded for the annual spring cleanup. Transport/Tipping Fees reflects the contract with Reworld, our waste contractor. In FY25, the price per ton is estimated to increase to $103.37 per ton. The annual increase will be based on the increase in CPI for water, sewer and trash. The contract was renegotiated in FY 22 and has been budgeted at $3,352,515; an increase of $254,075 over FY 24. The estimated number of tons to be transported was reduced by 1,000 tons based on actual tons for the prior fiscal year. Supplies and Materials includes $12,500 for the purchase of five front-end containers. Three 55-gallon containers of bulk motor oil have been included at a cost of $2,860. Other items funded include ten 300-gallon trash containers, and a 40-yard roll-off dumpster. Phase 2 of a 3-year project to replace the trashcans at the Town’s bus stops has been funded at $20,000. The total cost to complete the project was estimated at $70,000, with $20,000 funded in the FY 24 budget. Vehicle Supplies and Repair is the second major expense category in this division. Fuel costs are expected to decrease $27,217 from the amount budgeted in FY 24. Vehicle maintenance costs are projected to increase $29,836 for FY 25. Allocations for IT Services, radio equipment lease, vehicle lease and insurance increase. Replacements for a Sideload trash truck, skid loader and front loader have been funded in Vehicle Trust at a combined cost of $879,250.